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Founded in 1946, Crown Technology, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of Acid Additives in North America. For more than 67 years, Crown Technology, Inc. has focused on our customers with custom manufacturing chemical solutions.

Crown Technology, Inc. has a distinctive line of quality industrial chemical products that are unsurpassed in the specialty chemical industry including:

Crown Custom Blends

Crown Technology, Inc. is proud to provide chemical supply products that enhance our customer's ability to formulate new and more advanced materials. Our expertise in manufacturing, quality, intelligent solutions, service and reliability allows us to offer a full range of benefits which include Toll Blending, Private Label Chemicals, and Chemical Distributorships.

We recognize that your time is an extremely valuable commodity. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

Crown Technology is proud to announce the New and Improved Drill-Shield. It's a non-toxic acidizing additive designed specifically for the oil and gas fracking industry.

Crown Drill-Shield Flyer.pdf

Our company benchmark is quality and service, devoting our every resource to your ongoing success.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified


Who We Are As Crown Technology

  • Member, Indiana Manufacturers Association
  • Associate Member, Galvanizers Association
  • Member, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • State of Indiana Quality Improvement Award
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Small Business of the Year Finalist, January, 2007
  • Member, AISE
  • Member, The Wire Association International, Inc.
  • ISO Quality Assessment Award

Specialty Chemicals:
Acid Additives; Acid Inhibitors, Inhibitors / Accelerators, Foamers; Ferrous Sulfate Products; Industrial Cleaners; Industrial Lubricants & Neutralizers; Rinse Additives; Stainless Steel Process Aids

Institutional Chemicals / Industrial Chemicals:
Carwash Chemicals; Concentrates; Concrete Cleaning
; Exhaust Hood Cleaners; Floor Cleaning; Housekeeping; Laundry Chemicals; Pool Cleaning; Sanitizers; Warewashing



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