Product Spotlight

Acid Recovery

Crown’s patented acid recovery system has been installed at over 80 locations world wide. Thru our industry partnerships, we can now offer Cold Process Sulfuric Acid Recovery Systems. Available in sizes ranging from 2 – 25 GPM. With the wealth of experience available at Crown, we can provide:

  • System and Program Design
  • Customized Equipment
  • System Installation & Start-Up
  • On-going Service Program
  • Optimization of Chemical Program

All of this provides the flexibility to offer you the most economical and effective program available. System Size & Benefits

  • 2 GPM to 25 GPM sizes
  • 10,000 TPY to 200,000 TPY Steel pickling WPL
  • Acid chilled to 35 F
  • More iron sulfate removed for more reactive acid returned to acid bath
  • Capital payback in one to two years
  • All equipment corrosion proof
  • Automatic controls
  • Iron sulfate purchased
  • Pickling additives available
  • Pickling tests run
  • Specialized chemicals formulated and available
  • Laboratory assistance