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Technical Product Manager, R&D, and Sales – For family-owned specialty chemical manufacturer, oversee new product engineering research and development to meet international customer sales needs and expand into new markets predominantly in the steel industry.

Provide technical oversight in the development and manufacturing of chemical products such as corrosion inhibitors, acid additives, rinse aids, and cleaners using various pickling chemicals. 

Research marketing and sales opportunities, collaborate with company leadership to reach sales goals, negotiate sales with foreign customers including but not limited to various Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Indian and Ukrainian steel manufacturing facilities and implement product customizations to meet customer needs.

Must have a BS in chemical engineering or foreign equivalent, and 3 years experience in the job offered.  The job requires 1-2 months of total international travel per year consisting of several trips of less than one week.

Send resumes to J. Buckner, Crown Technology,  POB 50426, Indianapolis, IN 46250. Or Upload your resume below.

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